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Operation Cobalt

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Blue Blood Protocol

In September 2023, a compact team of operatives was discovered in the mountainous areas of Wallachia, Romania. This group has been identified as a unit of an international autonomous organization known colloquially as "The Organization," also referred to as "The Circle" or "The O."

The mission of "The O" remains largely enigmatic, but it is speculated that they aim to restore peace and prosperity in a world riddled with escalating political conflicts and civil disturbances. They believe in altering the course of the future by subtly influencing present conditions. According to them, even minor adjustments can lead to significant shifts, much like the far-reaching effects theorized in the butterfly effect.

Currently, "The O" is involved in a cyber warfare campaign against a notorious adversary known as the Cobalt Phantom and its followers. The Cobalt Phantom is notorious for disseminating seeds of discontent and despair among humanity, exacerbating confusion, depression, and suffering. This enemy is rumored to be planning an attack on September 27, 2024, though the target and method of this anticipated strike remain shrouded in mystery.

"The O" is dedicated to thwarting this attack and, in doing so, aims to protect the world from descending into chaos. The logistical and physical execution of their countermeasures is set to commence when the countdown clock hits zero.

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